My recent article has been garnering a lot of attention lately. I did expect this though given the title - How Much is Your Time Worth?

Of course, a good title can only go so far. The content within the article needs to do an excellent job of creating a dialogue about a problem many people encounter – in this instance the problem being that too many of us struggle to enjoy much-needed leisure.

Here in the D.C. area, similar to any major city and surrounding areas, the struggle to enjoy leisure is a growing issue. I’ve written about this before and I have shared several tips in the past.

Within the article last week, I shared a nifty calculator provided by designed to help people discover how much their time is worth outside of work. From the feedback I have received thus far, the results were fairly accurate.

Many people are now looking at making better-informed decisions to maximize their limited spare time so they can enjoy more leisure. And one of the decisions many people are now looking at is whether or not to outsource some of their personal activities/responsibilities to free up time to spend on more leisure activities.

Do I outsource my activities/responsibilities outside of work?

Below is a chart, courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of some of the more common household activities and the average time per day it takes to complete them:

If you add up the total for both men and women combined, the average minutes per day comes to a whopping 3 hours and 40 minutes!

And over the course of one week, this number compounds to 26 hours and 20 minutes!

The question naturally becomes, what would you do with an extra 26 hours and 20 minutes each week?

Even if it was half this number, what would you do with the spare time? Would you:

  • Pick up a new hobby?

  • Start that new business you always envisioned?

  • Travel?

  • Spend more time with family and friends?

  • Devote more time taking care of your body by working out?

  • Do more volunteer work?

I ask this question because many people don’t truly understand how much of their time is being spent on the activities listed above unless they track their time. When they see how much of their time is being devoted to these activities, they then begin to think about how they can be more efficient in these areas. Typically, this involves the help of an outside contractor, such as a reputable personal concierge provider who can help them maximize their time so they can enjoy more active leisure.

What if today were Monday and you knew that once your workday was over, you could truly enjoy your time off – for the rest of the week? What if all of your errands outside of work were being taken care of for you all week so you could take a quick weekend getaway to unplug and unwind? Would you sign up for this package?

I am hoping that the question above is a rhetorical one as it is my mission to see more hard-working people truly enjoy their time off without being bogged down with activities outside of work. After all, you only do have 24 hours each day – why not enjoy most of it and live the life you deserve?