Ah, spring and summer weather! Either this can be a time of rejuvenation or a time for added stress?

If you own a home in the D.C. area, then this is the time of year in which you spend more of your personal weekend time working on the exterior (or interior) of your home. Landscaping, gutter cleaning, siding, exterior construction or additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations – these are just some of the projects that may eat up your weekend leisure time.

Some homeowners decide that they don’t want to get involved in this work, so they choose to coordinate with multiple contractors to perform various jobs. While this may be the smart move for homeowners who are not skilled in performing these jobs, this leads to another problem that can eat up your weekend leisure – coordinating and dealing with each contractor.

Think about the typical process for a moment. There is the process of searching for a reputable contractor, having them come out and give their estimates, the selection of the vendors, and the time in which you need to be there while work is being performed. It’s not like you can just pack up your bag and go out of town for fun and exciting weekend of leisure while all this is going on?

So the question becomes – would you rather spend your entire weekend on home projects? Or would you rather enjoy a night, or weekend of fun leisure?

If you are the weekend of fun leisure type, then you don’t need to put the weekend projects and chores to the side. That’s right; you heard me right – you can still enjoy a fun and exciting weekend in beautiful weather while work is being done on your home.


Simple. Ever hear of a personal concierge service?

The wording personal concierge may throw you off as some people may immediately think that this is a service only available for the wealthy elite who are platinum star members of a certain hotel chain. This is not true.

A personal concierge service handles most (if not all) of your personal chores so you can spend more time enjoying a life of leisure with those you love most.

In the example mentioned in this article about the weekend home projects – your personal concierge provider will handle:

  • The process of searching for good contractors, or recommending ones in which the personal concierge company has good partnerships with

  • Being present while the estimates are taking place

  • Handling the selection of the right vendors, and getting everything set up that may be needed on your end to get started

  • Being there while work is being performed (when necessary)

  • Checking to ensure the work is performed right, and signing off on the job completion reports

  • Paying vendors

Your personal concierge service provider can even help you plan out a nice evening or weekend getaway! They handle the bookings, and you just show up to your destinations and enjoy. And to add icing on the cake, your personal concierge provider can also handle your grocery shopping while away, take care of your dry cleaning, get your vehicles serviced, and much more!

The key is finding a personal concierge provider you can trust. You don’t want to work with a company that assigns you a different point of contact. You want to interact with the same person who understands your situation and will be there each step of the way with a personal touch. This results in you having less stress over weekend home projects so you can focus more on living the life you deserve.

Don’t let home projects this spring and summer rob you of your leisure. Enjoy a night out on the town, or a weekend getaway and let your personal concierge provider handle everything for you.

Jim Spiro is the Founder & President of Platinum Lifestyle Management (PLM), a personal concierge service in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area dedicated to helping clients make their lives easier, more manageable and fulfilling. www.platinumlm.com