While I am by no means a sex therapist, or a financial advisor (nor do I anticipate being one), I am what some may call a personal leisure lifestyle facilitator.

A good portion of my interactions with clients, or potential clients, is finding ways to help them free up more leisure time. Leisure time, unfortunately, is something that is often neglected, and as I’ve written about before it is necessary to help us live the life you deserve.

When interacting with clients, or potential clients early on, one commonality I notice is that they have a lot of personal chores that are robbing them of enjoying more leisure in their lives. And by chores, I am not just talking about taking out the trash or making the bed. I am referring to a whole laundry list of to do’s that need to be done throughout the course of the week. This can include:

·         Grocery shopping

·         Paying bills

·         Home cleaning

·         Taking cars in for service

·         Dry cleaning

·         Booking flights and entertainment reservations

·         Landscaping

The list can go on.

Sometimes I hear from people that they enjoy handling everything themselves (REALLY?). But when I find out that either they want more leisure in their lives, or there may be problems at home for not spending enough time with their spouse or significant other, then this list comes into play.

Yes, sometimes it does feel like that there is not enough time in the day to get our personal to-do list done. And the weekends should not be the time to get it all done. This leads to burnout and added stress before the workweek begins.

However, there can be enough time in the day if you follow a simple success formula that works well in the business world: delegate or outsource the things you shouldn’t be focused on so you can spend more time growing your business.

When it comes to your personal affairs, this same strategy applies to help you enjoy more leisure with those you love and live the life you deserve. Pretty much all the little things throughout the week in your personal life that are robbing you of more leisure can be outsourced, including the short list mentioned above.

Some people may call this hiring a personal concierge service. I would call it hiring a personal leisure lifestyle facilitator.

When you can enjoy life outside of work without being bogged down with a list of personal responsibilities, then you feel pretty darn good. When you can go on more trips without having to worry about the household chores, then you also feel pretty darn good. And when you have less personal chores that need to be done each week, then you can spend more time with those you love (and prevent more arguments), which should make you feel pretty darn good!

And the best part of it all, when you enjoy more leisure, not only does this mean a better personal life, but this also translates into a better business life.

Think about it. When you start the workweek after having a stressful weekend dealing with a lot of personal chores, you just set the tone of your workweek off to a bad start.

However, if you come back feeling awesome after a nice weekend of leisure, then you will have begun your work week on a great note. And this can become contagious among your colleagues and peers as they will want to know why you are so darn happy on a Monday when you should feel like the average person feels on the first day of their work week.

Don’t let personal chores get in the way of living the life you deserve. If you are bogged down with personal responsibilities throughout the week that is robbing you of enjoying leisure, then it is time to consider some outside assistance.     


Jim Spiro is the Founder & President of Platinum Lifestyle Management (PLM), a personal concierge service in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area dedicated to helping clients make their lives easier, more manageable and fulfilling. www.platinumlm.com