How do you grow from rich to wealthy? Simple – you do things differently.

When you can afford to live a life of luxury, you can consider yourself an exclusive member of the elite wealthy class. And this doesn’t happen by luck, the family you were born into, or because you won the lottery. This happens through a culmination of hard work toward your passion while working smarter.

Below is your five (5) point checklist to help you grow from rich to wealthy and live the life you deserve.

Invest in Yourself

Not only should you be making smart investments with your money, but you should also invest in yourself. 

Jeff Rose is a certified financial planner, author, and blogger at He is also a wealthy millionaire who shares his expertise to help people become and stay wealthy.

 “Wealthy people don’t look at the money spent on personal growth as an expense, but as an investment.”

Strategically investing in yourself will produce a far greater ROI than any stock, real-estate investment or business venture. If you are spending less than you earn (a must to become wealthy), then you can take some of this money and purchase a good book, hire a coach, join a mastermind group, or attend a conference or workshop to educate and personally grow. You can also use this money to earn a better college degree or certifications.

Investing in yourself will give you more confidence, and is a must to help you grow from rich to wealthy.

Re-Invest Your Dividends and Invest Windfalls

Before diving into this step, it’s important that you first make sure that you are debt-free and spend less than you earn. Once you have reached this point, you should have disposable money each month to invest.

In conjunction with investing in yourself, you also want to be strategically investing your money to help you grow your fortune. Perhaps you want to get into the real estate game, or maybe your thing is investing in stocks or acquiring companies.

Regardless of what you choose, you want to go after something that will produce you a return, without breaking the law. Once you receive these returns, then the smart thing to do is to re-invest your dividends – every dime of it. This is what the elite do, and Warren Buffet is notorious for preaching this valuable concept. Former athletes, such as Magic Johnson have also used this same principle to help grow their empire.

The same principle goes for any windfalls that may come your way from winning a prize, or an unfortunate death in the family. Don’t take a lavish trip with the funds right away. Invest that money in helping you grow from rich to wealthy.

Never Retire

Wealthy people enjoy the work they do. They don’t follow the system of work until you are a certain age to retire and sit back in a rocking chair. You were not created to follow this system, and usually, after a given period, retirees get bored and want to get involved in a new hobby or passion.

W. Randall Jones, the author of The Richest Man in Town, talked about the concept of never retiring. In his book, Jones interviewed the richest people in each of their respective towns throughout the U.S. and Phil Ruffin, a Wichita multibillionaire stated:

“Retirement? Hell no. You just can't do it. Why would you ever retire when you're living large and having this much fun?" 

According to Jones, “These are men and women who love what they do. Even if they wind up moving on from the company they started, they just get involved in new opportunities, whether it’s philanthropy or a new startup. These people just can’t stop.”

Wealthy people believe that retirement is hazardous to their wealth, and their health. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t take breaks (this is covered in another tip). They just look at their work as fun, versus what the average American views the word as – pain, sacrifice, suffer, or a necessary evil to pay the bills and raise a family.


Work Smarter – Acknowledge Weaknesses and Outsource

Wealthy people don’t waste time trying to fix their weaknesses – they capitalize on their strengths. If you are a power networker, or good in business development, then this is your strength that you need to be focused on – not on accounting or taxes, which you may not be an expert in.

In today’s global economy, there really is no excuse not to hire someone to help you in areas that you are weak. Advancements in technology continue to evolve, and there are countless tools used to bring on the best resources, regardless of location. You can hire a good virtual assistant whom you may never meet in person but can chat it up with over video and do screen sharing. Free tools such as Skype and Google Hangouts have come a long way.

There’s also many other functions you could be outsourcing so you can be spending more of your time on the core areas you are good at, which you enjoy doing. Accounting, finance, HR, marketing, and IT are just a few to mention.

The key here is to keep your core competencies (what stands you apart) in-house, and outsource the rest. Not only will you save a lot of time and frustration so you can focus more on your strengths that stand you apart, but you can also set yourself up for our final tip below…

Find Time for Active (not passive) Leisure

The wealthy know the importance of enjoying the fruits of their labor. Whether it’s to travel to beautiful destinations, eat at the finest restaurants, go on a cruise, go hiking, or to entertain guests at home, wealthy people know how to enjoy their leisure, more specifically active leisure.

Active leisure is the true form of enjoying the life you deserve, whereas passive leisure (sitting in front of a television watching shows) is not. Rich people hardly have time as it is to waste time with passive leisure, and wealthy people don’t sit in front of the boob tube like a zombie seeing everyone else live the life they want to live either. Wealthy people are living their dream life.

One tip to help you grow from rich to wealthy, which has some tie-in with the previous tip, is to outsource the things in your personal life that can be robbing you from enjoying active leisure. Things like:

·      Paying bills

·      Coordinating your trips

·      Grocery shopping and meal plans

·      Waiting for contractors to show up to your home

·      Handling reservations

·      Managing your personal calendar

These are just a few items that can easily be outsourced to a reputable personal concierge service in your area. Once you hire a concierge service, you would be amazed at all the things they can handle for you that were once robbing you from enjoying your valuable spare time to the fullest.


About the Author

Jim Spiro is the Founder & President of Platinum Lifestyle Management (PLM), a personal concierge service in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area dedicated to helping clients make their lives easier, more manageable and fulfilling.